Brief Introduction


Taipei Bo Ai Elementary School




In order to implement educational reform to provide sufficient opportunities to the children residing in Shin-yih developing area, to reduce the student density of other schools in the vicinity, and to upgrade the quality of education, Taipei City Government strove to start the a large scale project to construct Bo Ai Elementary School on the No. 31, 3rd area, Shin-yih section. Under the careful planning and strict supervision of the founding Principal Mr. Lin, Tu Sang, the construction of the school was accomplished in 1992, and was formally established in September of the same year.

The 2nd Principal Madame Chou, Zue Yuen took the office in Aug. 1997.  She enthusiastically dedicated herself to the building of an educational environment for humanities, to the improvement of software and hardware, to the increase of study space, and overall, to the establishment of a strong and firm foundation for the school.



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